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Constitution Roma 2003

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ISSUE President proposal
Interinfo Nederlands proposal
Various proposals Comments

“Reporting”, intended in a broader meaning is the field of reference of Intersteno. All those who, by the means of their activities and technologies at their disposal, render the information and the communication accessible to people in various formats, are “reporters”. Reporters of all countries regardless of the means used in their activities are admitted in the Intersteno
Reporting, text processing and secretariat skills are the fields of interest of Intersteno
Sweden: no broader agenda nor broader definition of stenography is needed
Austria: not necessary to upgrade the description of our goals for today and for the future
See details in the article of  both drafts of New Statute dealing with aims

Turn the Federation into a Association, with individual members who pay fees and have right to vote in the General Assembly. Permanent Board with President in charge for 4 years and Secretary Treasurer in charge for 6 years.
The activity of Intersteno in countries is led by delegates nominated by the Board as representative of Intersteno. Where and when exists the national group indicates the name of its representative
Intersteno remains a federation of national groups, whose representatives are members of the Central Committee. The Board is composed by a President, a Vice President and a Secretary General elected by the General Assembly of delegates for 4 years. A chairman of the Congress is nominated for organizing next congress. No right of voting is given to individual members
France: the name should be: “International Association for information and communication treatment” .
Teachers and students are to be listed as members of Intersteno
Austria: not necessary to reform the bodies of  Intersteno. Every country should participate and bring proposals
The solution depends on what is decided about the role of National Groups. See that issue.

National Groups when and where exist can indicate their own delegates in the Central Committee. The association is composed by individual members
The traditional role of National Groups is to be saved as guarantee of cohesion of the professional groups.
Federation must encourage the forming of new national groups and push individual members (with prohibitive fee) to join the national group if exists. In each country only one National Group is allowed. Each country organize itself at its own discretion. Representatives of countries without NG can attend the GA and participate to the activities on the conditions made by the Central Committee. No right of attending nor of voting for IM
Sweden: role of national Groups should not be changed
Secretary General: due to the busy life of those who are working for Intersteno, it will be difficult to ensure the activity for providing individual membership with the minimum information service.
For countries where a NG do not exist a delegate is nominated by the Central Committee
Austria: no individual members are interested for membership
President supports his proposal with a document “Reasons to sustain the proposal of new statute concerning the national groups”

Composed of all members of the association who have duly paid their fee.
Elects the Boards and decides about the fees.
With the majority of two thirds amends the Statute
Composed by the delegates of  national groups in a number related to the population of that country
Functions are similar in both the main proposals

Composed by the Board, the Co-ordinator of IPRS ad 15 delegates elected by the Board as representatives of Intersteno in countries or interesting fields. National Groups, if exist, indicate their own representatives.
Is the consulting body of Intersteno, adopts the Budget on proposal of the Secretary Treasurer. Nominates the Auditing Committee
Composed by the Board, delegates (one) of countries and the co-ordinator of IPRS
Sweden: No scientific committee is needed
China: to increase the participation of youths in the Central Committee so to keep Intersteno in pace with changing world
Germany: Nominate a Vice Secretary General to avoid problems risen when Mr. Gutzler passed away
Functions are similar in both the main proposals

President (4 years), Vice President (is the President of next Congress), Secretary Treasurer (6 years), Jury President (4 years), Coordinator of Scientific Board (4 years).
Elected by the General Assembly
President, Vice President, Secretary treasurer and Jury President(s) elected by the General Assembly of delegates every 4 years (eligible for re-election). A chairman leads the next Congress
Secretary general: Board should be composed by  President, Vice president, Jury Presidents and members of the scientific committee. Co-ordinator of IPRS is member of the scientific committee
Austria: no changes needed
Czech Republic: President, Secretary General, Vice President for the competitions, Vice President for the Congress (organizes next congress), Delegate for research (scientific responsible), Delegate for education (keeps contacts with education authorities and EU and promote the certification by Intersteno), Delegate for foreign affairs (promotes the development of Intersteno by the spinning of further national groups)
The main proposals are close each other

To be decided by the Central Committee
Partially ruled in the Statute: travelling and hotel expenses of Board are chargeable to the Federation


The Jury upgrades the rules for competitions in accordance with the needs of the organization of next Congress and de development of techniques and technologies. The Central Committee only decides (do not discuss) on the proposals of modifications proposed by the Jury President
France: Jury’s duties should not be included in the Statute but in separate rules
Secretary General: It’s better to keep both the Jury Presidents

AUDITING COMMITTEE Nominated by the CC on proposal of the Secretary Treasurer outside its members
Elected by the GA of delegates
France: not to be indicated by the Secretary Treasurer, should be independent

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