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Provisional programme
as at 5th January 2005:
closing date for all bookings is 30 April 2005 !

Fr. 22. 7. 05


Opening of Congress Office (School Center Längenfeldgasse)
Participants will receive congress information folder and badges and can book for round trips, excursions etc. until 6 p.m.
Sa 23. 7. 05
Information meeting for Jury members and helpers.

Congress Office (School Center Längenfeldgasse)
Bookings can be made until 17:00 (round trips, excursions, …)
Photographing of the Central Committee and the Juries
1st Meeting of the Central Committee
14.00 2nd Meeting of the Central Committee
appr. 17:00
Congress Opening
Sun 24. 7. 05
Keyboard writing: installation of equipment, “warm-up” for participants
Session of parliamentary reporters IRPS (VHS Room)
Keyboarding World Championship, text correction, professional word processing (if necessary also on 25.07.05)
09:00 Keyboarding Championship for blind and visually impaired people (Wittelsbachstraße)
10:00 Multilingual shorthand contests
14:00 Fast transcription contest
16:00 Correspondence & minute-taking competition"
Mon 25. 7. 05
Shorthand World Championship C, B, A
If necessary, 3rd round of Keyboarding, text correction, and professional word processing competitions.
Multilingual shorthand contests (VHS room)
13.00 Installation of exhibition spaces.
Tue 26. 7. 05
Lectures (08:00-12:00, 14 :00-18 :00)
If necessary: additional groups of world championship in multilingual shorthand.
08:00 Opening of the exhibition spaces.
Dinner of the Central Committee (departure 18:00 from School Centre, 18:30 from  Schmidtplatz - behind the Rathaus)
Wed 27. 7. 05
Lectures until 12:00
13.00 - 16.00
3rd Meeting of Central Committee till 16:00
16.00 Presentation of Firms (official visit of the Central Committee)
appr. 17:30
General Assembly  meeting (School Centre Längenfeldgasse)
Dinner for members of the Jury and assistants (School Centre Längenfeldgasse)
Thu 28. 7.05
Meeting of the IPRS, parliamentary reporters, in the Parliament
  09.00 Exhibition spaces must be dismantled
09:00 Short Trip: Alt-Wiener Schnaps Museum  (Old museum of Wien dedicated to acqua-vitae) from Schmidtplatz behing the Rathaus
17.00 ?

Gala dinner on invitation by the City of Vienna !!! (Festive Hall of the Vienna Town Hall)
Award ceremony, afterwards dance music (end: midnight)
Festive dress, please bring your badge with name!
Fri. 29. 7. 05
Full day excursion. Special theme: World Culture – Wine Culture

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