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Italy was among the first nations to be part of Intersteno. (will be updated)

 4 Congresses took place in Italy:
 Milano 1926 President Beno De Vecchis
 Milano 1957 President Ugo Andreini
 Firenze 1987 President Flaviano Rodriguez
 Roma 2003 President Fausto Ramondelli - President of the Organising Committee Gian Paolo Trivulzio
Our nation has also hosted two meetings of the Central Committee: Florence 1965 (Flaviano Rodriguez) and Palermo 2000 (Giacomo Di Piazza).
The Italian presence to Intersteno became stronger along the years: to the Congresses of the last 20 years the Italian  group  almost always  resulted to be the most numerous one,  after that of the  hosting country  (for obvious reasons) or German. It it to be remember that the first European nation to organize a Congress in the postwar period has been Italy with the Congress in Milan, following the previous  of Montecarlo, but Montecarlo had no negative effect from the tragic of the second world war.
In this 'second period' of Intersteno, the Italian representatives were
untill 1975 Giuseppe Aliprandi
1976-1985 Flaviano Rodriguez
1985-1987 Giovanni Panarello
1987-1989 Angelo Quitadamo
1989 - 1995 Gian Paolo Trivulzio
1995 - 2001 Fausto Ramondelli
2001 - 2003 Giacomo Di Piazza
2004 - 2009 Maria Luisa Corti Crippa
2009 - 2011 Fausto Ramondelli
2011 - Annamaria Marino
The activity of the Italian Representatives  has been particularly important for the contributions given for up-dating and improving the evaluation criteria of  the    competitions,  which are becoming more and more complex in order to keppe pace with the evolution of  writing from the mechanical technology. to  electronics, and digital means.

In the last years Italy has proposed and effectively managed the success of the fast transcription competition  (FAST), as well as new pillars for updating the Statue  of  Intersteno to the reality imposed by the diffusion of the information in real time.  At the Congress in Rome 2003 the New Statute of the Intersteno been  approved, after a long and deep discussions  tenaciously sustained from Fausto Ramondelli. You can read the New Statute at the home page of this web site.

Italy has also proposed the formula of keyboarding competition by Internet, for the students of the schools and has produced the software of the information transmission to the data base for the management of this competition. The first edition, in cooperation with Interinfo Cèkia, was held in May 2003 and 326 students of 86 schools in 11 countries took part.
In 2004 the competition in Internet has been repeated and, despite the absence of the Republic Cèka which did not made again available the software for its language, 436 were the competitors. The competitions was done using a Java module prepared by Marco Olivo. This software permits the take part at the competition from whatever computer with Internet connection, without downloading any additional software.
This software respects the rules of the world competitions of the Intersteno and the different counting of strokes according to the specific keyboards for the various languages.
The competition offered texts for Italian - English - French (also in the French-Swiss and French-Belgian version) - German (also German Swiss) - Dutch (also in the Flemish version) - Turkish - Spanish. The classification list are available in the Internet Contest section of this site.


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