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Main contributions to the discussion at the Scientific Committee

The members of this Committee are: Cees Van Burden (H) - President
Jorge Bravo (Arg) - Boris Neubauer (D) - Gian Paolo Trivulzio (I) - Jaroslav Zaviacic (Czek Rep.)

In 2005 David Rogala (USA) gave important contributions to this Committee

 Year Date  Members  Topics


9th December 2006

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Congress on Reporting - 2nd December 2006 - Trento (Italy)


7th December 2006

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Seminar on Realtime Intralingua Subtitling - Forlì 17th November 2006


26th June

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Steno, typewriting and keyboarding.


22nd June

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Intersteno standards


20th December 2005 - 6th June 2006

Jaroslav Zaviacic - Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Investigation about speech recognition


30th April

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Intesteno and speech recognition


29th January

Gian Paolo Trivulzio

Languages and competition (at the moment only available to Scientific Committee Members)

2004 29 July Gian Paolo Trivulzio Italian contribution to Intersteno projects - Competitions and certification distributed management.
2004 4th July Gian Paolo Trivulzio Basic keyboarding competences
2004 15th March Gian Paolo Trivulzio Keyboarding competitions
2004 25-26 February G.P.Trivulzio - Jaroslav Zaviacic Strokes with shift key
2004 15th January Gian Paolo Trivulzio Ideas and procedures about Internet keyboard modules
2004 10th January Gian Paolo Trivulzio Improvements in Internet competition


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