Jaroslav Zaviacic - Czech Republic

e-mail: jaroslav@zav.cz

12.08. 1939: born in Cejc, Czeck Republic. 1958: as student of the Commercial Academy Hodonin champion keyboarding of Czechoslovak schools.

1962-1969: head of the technical department (stenographers, typists and teleprinters) of the "Rude Pravo", at that moment the most important newspaper of Czechoslovakia. Due to the resistance of this newsaper to the Soviet occupation he lost this job. Consequently he was not allowed to attend the world championships in Brussels in 1971.

1965: world vice-champion keyboarding at the Paris Congress of Intersteno.

1971-1979: coach of the Austrian keyboarding team ; developed collective and distance training methods for keyboarding.

1981-1991: consultant and trainer for electronic typewriers at IBM Chechoslovakia.

1989 and 1991: published textbooks for programmed learning keyboarding, called the ZAV-method, later on transfered to e-learning.

Since 1990: he and Helena Matouskova (world champion) direct the ZAV internet-school for learning keyboarding in the languages Czech, German, Polish and Slovak. Every year there are about 25.000 students. The best of them represent the Czech Republic in the world championships.

1998: founded Interinfo CZ, which is the Czech National Group of Intersteno und unites schools, teachers and competitors. Since 2000: the ZAV-school organizes international competitions on internet.

2003: honorary member of the "Accademia Giuseppe Aliprandi - Multimedialità della scrittura e dell'informazione" in Florence.

2005: was nominated as president of Intersteno. He organized the Congress held in Prague in 2007 and on that occasion was elected Vice-Presidente. The chair was again confirmed in Beijing 2009.